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I love words. And puns and mangoes. And I'd like to share that love with you.

2 days to trials, with a sick throat, at 0210AM

0210AM; I am awakened by an itch in my throat, I start coughing, I cannot catch my breath. The coughs turn into split seconds of me gasping for air, and within 10 seconds they turn into - what do you... Continue Reading →


the “thank you”s I never said to 98% of the people i’ve met

I guess it’s legitimate that certain people stay in your life for a certain period of time. And when the time comes, they leave, because they have taught you all you have to learn from them. And maybe one day... Continue Reading →

See you next week?

How do I break to them that I'm leaving for good?   "Great!" "Amazing, see you then!" "Hope you haven't forgotten that you're scheduled for this week :)" one day, these tiny little voices will fade like how time washes... Continue Reading →

Died out?

I fear letting you know my passion. I fear the criticism that comes after it. Because I fear, just like any other passion an Asian parent wouldn't approve of, this would be slashed, shot down and killed by your words... Continue Reading →

room B

the place where tears of homesickness were shed, pain, anger, frustration, released, relentlessly.   but also the place where dreams were realised, moments of achievements happened, where there were several FaceTime and Skype calls, coffee spills, biscuit crumbs, and a... Continue Reading →

to get a grip

feels like the moment when you reach your hand into the washing machine and spin the wheel (is it called a wheel?) a few times just to make sure nothing is inside before you throw in your clothes and press... Continue Reading →

Withdrawal symptoms

Got to know a bunch of people today, and just by working closely and listening to their conversations for 4 hours have left imprints in my mind. & I think, forever they will stay. You know that feeling you get... Continue Reading →

Unfinished writings;

For the thoughts that came, and left me thinking. Thank you for being there, for staying even though it was just a brief moment of time. For staying long enough to allow me to express you through the movement of... Continue Reading →

Grief never really goes away, does it

I still long for the sound of my name on your lips, the way you will never say three syllables but only the first two; I try so very hard to recall the way you laughed at yourself whenever you... Continue Reading →

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