“You know we’re not all born with the ability to throw fireballs, right?”

She put down her cup of coffee and stared at him blankly for a solid three seconds.

“What do you mean by fireballs?”

The couple at the table beside them got up and left without throwing away their disposable coffee cups. He watched her eyes following them as they walked out, as Ed Sheeran was softly playing in the cafe – adding no help to the ambience in which he would explain to her whatever he had in mind.

Her eyes slowly shift back to him, and she continues to look at him with expectancy.


He takes a deep breath, clears his throat and starts off –

“It’s you. You see, I have lived for more than three decades, gone through 4 schools, been in and out of 2 jobs and – I have never met anyone throw out fireballs the way you do. Your actions, your words, even your released thoughts, although tangled and unfinished, are fireballs. And I don’t mean these fireballs destroy – your fireballs are unique and one of a kind – they crash and burn in people’s lives and they leave ashes which eventually turn into dust but this dust, goes into every nook and cranny of the heart. People are changed for the better and are never the same again. The way they impact people are as if you demand them to. They work as if you have control over them. But that’s the paradox here right? You don’t. You release them unintentionally, sometimes I am in awe of how you do it, but I can’t drop my jaw in front of you – I wouldn’t be able to explain why. But I realised, you can’t throw fireballs unless somewhere within you resides a part that burns like a fireball.”

She held up one hand and rested her elbow on the table, as if she intended to break his train of thoughts and wanted him to take a halt, although he already did.

She looks to the distance and lets out a burp loud enough to turn the heads of the people sitting at the tables around them.

“Oops. Did I just let out another fireball?”

He breaks into a wide smile and shakes his head helplessly. Ed Sheeran certainly didn’t help at all.




i’m sorry this sounds cliché hahah trying to improve!

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