“I’m so sleepy though, probably wasn’t the best idea to stay up until 2 last night.”

“But I appreciated that talk.”

“I really appreciated it too. But yeah, maybe not on a Saturday night… But then again, it’s not like we planned to stay up? ”

Ever wondered why late night talks extend way longer than they’re supposed to?

Because in the day when we reply to texts we give it less thought, we don’t decipher the meaning behind words, although we enjoy the company that is given – we’re simply caught up in tasks and deadlines to meet, racing against time, and despite sharing and updating about what we’re doing, what’s going on, who are we meeting – what we say is simply, less raw as compared to the words we use at 1:59AM.

But at 1:59AM, this is what happens:

It is quiet. You know that the project you’re supposed to work on can wait, because your team is simply, not awake. You know that things you’re supposed to liaise with other people cannot be done now, because people cherish their sleep.

The only sound you hear besides that inner voice in your head is the occasional motorcycle speeding across the highway to only God knows where, the sound of your fan turning left and right, and the little pops your keyboard makes as you converse with someone who’s on the other end of the line.

Inevitable little noises here and there, but quiet enough to make you feel as if you are next to someone from a few miles away.

At 1:59AM, you are vulnerable. Your thoughts are vulnerable. Maybe it’s screaming too loudly within you that you simply have to share it with someone. Or maybe, you simply cherish raw thoughts and perhaps the only way to keep it is to let someone else have it too.

Although you know the dark circles and heavy eyes will take over you the next morning -but oh, how rare it is to have heartfelt conversations like these.

In the stillness somehow your thoughts seem to speak more clearly.

Special thanks to, 

you know who you are.