I guess it’s legitimate that certain people stay in your life for a certain period of time.

And when the time comes, they leave, because they have taught you all you have to learn from them.

And maybe one day you might just stumble across their Facebook update about achieving a milestone in their life, and you smile to yourself because you’re relieved that they’re doing okay.

And maybe they don’t even remember you, maybe they don’t think you’re significant to them because you didn’t teach them as much as they taught you, but it’s okay, because you know the satisfaction of being able to give rather than to receive, and they’ll be even more blessed as they’ve given you so much.

I guess that’s what time does, it’s cruel, but it’s beautiful.

Because you’d probably not cherish things if you knew you’d always have them.

To: You;

Thank you.

15th April 2016, 6:02PM – found this in my laptop and figured what i wrote 5 months ago was still pretty relatable