How do I break to them that I’m leaving for good?



“Amazing, see you then!”

“Hope you haven’t forgotten that you’re scheduled for this week :)”

one day, these tiny little voices will fade like how time washes everything else away.


Because what’s the purpose of contacting me when you know I am a South China Sea away –

and it’s highly unlikely that I’ll return.


What do I do when home is in two places at once?


I realise it’s not so much of them accepting the news – after all, they’ve seen people come and go way more frequently than I do,

but it’s more of me, getting the words out, and finally facing the fact that all good things come to an end.


Breaking the news? 


“See you next week?”

one day, my reply will be mere silence.


I guess ‘silence speaks louder than words’ ain’t that cliché after all.