to be able to feel something wholly in that particular moment is a blessing in its own way.

to be able to be fully alive in the snap of two fingers is overwhelming

to be able to see God’s art in a thousand different ways is indescribable

you know, sometimes, life doesn’t necessarily have to be logical;

where’s the fun if it is?

I want to be able to express my feelings in sentences ever so perfectly, yet my vocabulary is never vast enough to accommodate the strings tugged at my heart and the roller coasting emotions within my soul

I developed a passion for writing; but the idea that everyone puts in me which tells me that I can’t go anywhere with it is pushing me against the ground over and over again.

The thing is, I am stuck in between a generation that believes in following their dreams and a generation that stands strongly in the ideology that what is best for one’s life is the stable professional job – doctor, lawyer, you name it.

I want to be able to express my ideas visually, and record what I see and what I feel from the eyes of my heart, but I can never really give it away because –



Have I been giving myself too many excuses?

Have I been firm in the idea of my dreams yet never truly pursuing it?

Have I been ignoring what my heart has been truly calling?



What do you mean, “because”.