“What makes you think that you are just a speck of dust in this single universe?”

“The view from my apartment window.”

When I look down, I see tens of hundreds of cars passing by, every single minute. Every moment or so I see a train on its track, slowly on its way to the next station.

And the reason I feel insignificant is because all these things – trains, buses, cars – they are all filled with people.

Not only just people, but lives. Emotions. Feelings. Stories.

Each of these tiny people have a story to tell.

Sad, happy, single, divorced, married, broken, fulfilled –

one is on her way back home to see her loving parents, and just in the vehicle beside her there is an old couple on their way to the hospital to see their sick daughter.

Because all of them have something unique to say if I were to ask them about their lives.

That makes me feel… small.

Who am I to think that the universe revolves around me, when there are so many faces of the world that I have yet to see?

So many stories I have yet to hear? So many emotions I have yet to feel?

I humble myself before God.

Because despite of my insignificance and my height that could easily be dissolved into a crowd and my flaws and my brokenness and despite how tiny i am compared to the whole universe –

He loves me still.

He loves me still.

*inspired from a very thought-provoking lecture I attended not long ago. and also my apartment window.

see y’all soon,