Today a group of friends taught me a very valuable lesson, through their act of kindness.

They woke up before 6AM just to walk me all the way to the train station, because it was really dark and it wasn’t exactly safe.

I couldn’t really get to thank them because the train was leaving in 2 minutes as soon as we arrived and I ran down to the platform just after I got my ticket, and I feel bad for leaving them hanging (kind of). So sorry!

(But if you get to read this someday, please know that I am grateful. Very grateful.)

But once I sat down my train of thoughts began. (Maybe it was because I was in a train ha ha ha)

Would I be able to do the same for someone else?

Would I take the extra step and effort, including waking up extra early (I am not really a morning person), and to walk 15-20 minutes just to make sure someone else wouldn’t have to walk alone?

The Bible talks about stepping out of our comfort zones. How to help someone and love someone not because it is convenient, but even out of inconvenience.

It was definitely not that convenient for them (although they kept saying they like waking up early) but still, they took the extra mile.

Would I have done it for another friend if these friends who helped me didn’t give me the realisation regarding this matter? I kind of doubt myself now.

But thanks to these friends who showed their love and care through an act of kindness, I have realised that helping someone even if it is inconvenient is one of the small steps one can take to be more Christ-like. Because I definitely saw Christ through them.

Also, it has given me a whole new insight towards certain things.

You can never know how far a simple act of kindness can go. *wink

Thank you, once again. You know who you are. 🙂