I realised that after you like someone, a little part of them stays with the next person you have feelings for.

Maybe it’s the straight row of teeth. Maybe it’s the dimples in the cheeks. Maybe it’s their smile that looks alike. Maybe it’s the hairstyle, the way they frown, the way they phrase things, the way they throw their head backwards or the way they squint before they let out the first laugh.

I am young and in no position to talk about love, at least I think so. Or it’s the Asian adult saying that has gotten into me “you know ah you still young you have to study first you don’t play play ok love ah this thing is very dangerous…”

But if there’s one thing that I know – or one thing I’ve gained from all those stupid years of having helpless, useless and unrealistic crushes on people that will never feel the same way as I do, I’ve learned that the next person you gain feelings for will have certain traits that you find in them, which reminds you of the previous him or her.

Because as far as I know, you don’t forget someone that easily.

Let’s hope this post doesn’t sound stupid when I’m 28.