An old post from my old blog which was written a long time ago. I decided to ditch that blog and move to WordPress hence this post is here too haha. Certainly isn’t my best work but it speaks to me on a personal level.


I found love.

I found love. When

I found love, when I heard the word “supper?” after long hours of tuition classes.

I found love, when I looked at my busy schedule and realised that I was living for something.

I found love, when surprisingly I woke up at 7 on a Saturday morning with the sunshine rays refracting into the wooden tiles on my bedroom floor.

I found love, when I look at 13 year olds and flashback to when I was innocent and trouble-free back then – and come to my senses that I’ve grown, emotionally, and that these 13 year olds can experience what changed my life – maybe something even better.

I found love, in a cafe full of people tapping away on their laptops, or reading a book with a cup of warm latte.

I found love, when I look back and realize that I had a suicidal phase, and yet, here I am today, having the chance to declare that you indeed, can walk through the darkness, slowly see a shadow which indicates light, and finally see light itself.

I found love, after a night of fellowship and I have my friends to send me home – that I am so, very lucky, to be alive.

I found love, in all the little things and moments that I lived for.

The lame jokes, the silly puns, the laughter and that majestic feeling when you’re worshipping and you just KNOW that God is listening and He is pleased.

I found love, in life itself.

And life comes from God.

I found true love, in God.

You know when they say love never fails – and they say God is love – directly emphasizes that God never fails.

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.