I was playing with my dog the other day, and I wandered around my thoughts and came to this:

Dogs are colour blind.

And there’s probably a reason.

You know when they say, dogs are loyal no matter what?

You know when they say, dogs are a man’s best friend?

It’s probably because they are colour blind.

Because they love you regardless of your skin colour.

Because they have only seen the world in black and white, they do not understand colour and the dangers colour might bring sometimes, especially if it’s related to your skin.

Naive, but sincere.

Why do people use dogs in airport security checks?

Besides the fact that they have really good noses (yes they do),

It’s because they don’t let you go if you’re white, or pay extra attention to you if you’re black, or assume you’re a goody-two-shoes if you’re Asian.

They are man’s best friend, because they stay loyal to you.

They don’t pick who they choose to love, based on one’s skin colour.

They run towards you even if you’re looking all cranky after a bad day at school, and they stay beside you when you’re crying to pieces.

Even if, man disregards your existence if you look like a homeless person on the streets

Or even if, man treats you unequally because of your skin tone

Or even if, man backstabs you because of benefit for themselves

Dogs don’t.

Because they are colour blind, perhaps they make better friends than humans.

The moment they come up to you wagging their tail, panting enthusiastically – perhaps waiting for a treat or two – that is one of the most rewarding things you can ever find on Earth.

And that is the case, with my little furball running happily in my backyard.

sending out my dog’s love to you all, Jovita