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I love words. And puns and mangoes. And I'd like to share that love with you.

To my father.

A belated Fathers' Day dedication. i. "Aren't three hard boiled eggs a bit too much for the both of us?" I ask in a sleepy tone as my dad quickly puts down three steaming hot eggs on the table, immediately... Continue Reading →



6:14AM. I am awakened by the sound of chirping birds. Rather unusual for me, because having only fallen asleep beyond 3:30AM the previous night – or should I say morning – it’d be logical for me to sleep like a... Continue Reading →

observe and ponder

Her eyes turn into crescents, her cheeks lift, evidently showing the natural peach-like colour on the sides of her face which could easily pass as fish balls if you zoomed them in - as she smiles for the camera that... Continue Reading →

The lady at the chicken rice stall

That afternoon my dad came back from work and we went for lunch. We settled for a simple coffee shop with multiple stalls, but most of them were already closed because it was past lunch hour. So we settled for... Continue Reading →

ImPromptU #1: Fireballs

"You know we're not all born with the ability to throw fireballs, right?" She put down her cup of coffee and stared at him blankly for a solid three seconds. "What do you mean by fireballs?" The couple at the... Continue Reading →


'ImPromptU' will (hopefully, if I manage to keep it going) be a series of stories triggered by writing prompts I find online. Because I am in the midst of a study break and I figured that I have to do... Continue Reading →


Solitude - solitude will always be precious to me. Sitting on my bed with my laptop, with yes, another project still unfinished Earphones in. The house is quiet. And I lock myself in my own room - I need time... Continue Reading →

When speech bubbles burst into inspiration

"I'm so sleepy though, probably wasn't the best idea to stay up until 2 last night." "But I appreciated that talk." "I really appreciated it too. But yeah, maybe not on a Saturday night... But then again, it's not like... Continue Reading →

2 days to trials, with a sick throat, at 0210AM

0210AM; I am awakened by an itch in my throat, I start coughing, I cannot catch my breath. The coughs turn into split seconds of me gasping for air, and within 10 seconds they turn into - what do you... Continue Reading →

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