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I love words. And puns and mangoes. And I'd like to share that love with you.

“Do you remember Grandpa?”

Often (especially in Asian families) we know a ton of family friends/relatives who've known us since we were little children, some even before we were born. But more often than not, we don't remember them. They become strangers, even though... Continue Reading →


To my father.

A belated Fathers' Day dedication. i. "Aren't three hard boiled eggs a bit too much for the both of us?" I ask in a sleepy tone as my dad quickly puts down three steaming hot eggs on the table, immediately... Continue Reading →


6:14AM. I am awakened by the sound of chirping birds. Rather unusual for me, because having only fallen asleep beyond 3:30AM the previous night – or should I say morning – it’d be logical for me to sleep like a... Continue Reading →

observe and ponder

Her eyes turn into crescents, her cheeks lift, evidently showing the natural peach-like colour on the sides of her face which could easily pass as fish balls if you zoomed them in - as she smiles for the camera that... Continue Reading →

The lady at the chicken rice stall

That afternoon my dad came back from work and we went for lunch. We settled for a simple coffee shop with multiple stalls, but most of them were already closed because it was past lunch hour. So we settled for... Continue Reading →

ImPromptU #1: Fireballs

"You know we're not all born with the ability to throw fireballs, right?" She put down her cup of coffee and stared at him blankly for a solid three seconds. "What do you mean by fireballs?" The couple at the... Continue Reading →


'ImPromptU' will (hopefully, if I manage to keep it going) be a series of stories triggered by writing prompts I find online. Because I am in the midst of a study break and I figured that I have to do... Continue Reading →


Solitude - solitude will always be precious to me. Sitting on my bed with my laptop, with yes, another project still unfinished Earphones in. The house is quiet. And I lock myself in my own room - I need time... Continue Reading →

When speech bubbles burst into inspiration

"I'm so sleepy though, probably wasn't the best idea to stay up until 2 last night." "But I appreciated that talk." "I really appreciated it too. But yeah, maybe not on a Saturday night... But then again, it's not like... Continue Reading →

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